We are a family enterprise driven by German Engineering. Our customers appreciate our personal commitment as well as our innovative strength and dedication to excellence.


Our headquarter is located at the heart of the German automotive industry and medical technology – thus on the pulse of important machining companies and highest-quality precision.

Opportunity and philosophy: We integrate our customers into our processes in order to incorporate current and future customer requirements into our system solutions. Thanks to a highly qualified team, we have evolved into an international supplier of innovative high-pressure solutions for cooling lubricants.

Being not only a pioneer but also the European market leader in compact high-pressure for sliding headstock automatic lathes we strive for excellence and continuously innovate to improve the efficiency of our customers. Today and in future. Experience a new dimension of unique compact energy-efficient high-pressure lubrication systems enabling you sustainably to improve your performance, your margins and your output quality.

combiloop - the compact high-pressure lubrication system


Perfect under the bar feeder


Continous use of up to 100 bar - under the bar feeder


For high performance machining up to 27 L/min


The perfect match with your tooling machine


For continous use of up to 100 bar

combiloop benefits

// Longer tool service life

// Higher cutting speeds

// Time saving and flexibility

// Reduced energy consumption by using
    eco+ dynamic power concept

// Increased quality of output

// Lower heat intake by using eco+ dynamic power concept

// Increased output

// Perfect use of the available space

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